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Aider is a tech startup developing an AI-driven algorithm sifts through vast amounts of data from preferred social media platforms or financial software and delivering actionable insights directly to customers via a business coach.

Upon the launch of their initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Aider faced the critical task of establishing visual harmony across their branding and UI. The startup also recognized the necessity to enhance their user flows, particularly focusing on streamlining the onboarding process to foster a seamless user experience.

We simplified and refined their overall branding by tightening the color palette, creating some custom icons, and developing some storytelling through illustrations. We also revisited their user flows and simplified them.
We also introduced three simple steps to onboard and start experiencing a chat-like interface, using AI to learn.

Data Integration Complexity: The AI-driven algorithm's success depended on seamlessly integrating diverse data sources. The complexity of harmonizing these data formats and ensuring reliable, real-time data flow was initially underestimated, leading to delays in development.

User Flow Optimization: Initial iterations were too complex, causing potential users to drop off before experiencing the full value of the platform. It took multiple iterations and user testing sessions to find the right balance of simplicity and functionality.

Branding Consistency: Early attempts at tightening the color palette and developing custom icons led to inconsistencies across different platforms. This inconsistency risked diluting the brand identity we aimed to strengthen.

User Engagement with AI: Encouraging users to interact with the AI business coach in a meaningful way was another challenge. Initial feedback indicated that users were unsure how to make the most of the AI's capabilities. This led to the introduction of guided prompts and examples to help users understand how to engage effectively with the AI coach.

The new branding resonated more deeply with users, aligning with their expectations for modern, intuitive tech solutions. The simplification of user flows, especially the onboarding process, streamlined the initial interaction with the platform.

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