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Citi, a prominent global bank, operates in over 160 countries with around 200 million customer accounts. The bank offers consumers, corporations, governments, and institutions a wide range of financial products and services.

Citi wanted to create a special platform to help different groups like investors, city planners, and local communities come together to invest in neighborhoods in a smart and impactful way. The main goal was to build a tool that made it easy to understand what different communities need, how they're affected by climate changes, and what kind of financial perks could help encourage investments.

Enter Citi Builder, a free-to-use, data-packed platform that gives users a detailed look at city neighborhoods. It uses a lot of data to show what's going on in these areas, from who lives there, the environmental risks, to how clean the air is and what natural beauty exists. Users can sort through neighborhoods based on certain needs and find out which ones qualify for special investment boosts, socioeconomic needs and assess eligibility for three investment incentives.

User Interface Complexity: Given the diverse audience of investors, city planners, and local communities, creating a user interface that catered to the varied expertise and needs of each group was challenging. Initial versions of the platform were either too complex for non-technical users or too simplistic for professional investors, requiring multiple redesigns to find the right balance.

Engagement with Local Communities: Engaging local communities to understand their needs was more challenging than anticipated. Cultural and language barriers, as well as differing levels of technology access, made it difficult to gather comprehensive and meaningful input at times from all communities.

Regulatory Compliance and Privacy Concerns: As a financial institution, Citi had to navigate complex regulatory environments across different countries. Ensuring that the platform complied with all applicable laws, especially concerning data privacy and protection, added another layer of complexity to the development process.

Incentive Eligibility Criteria: Determining and implementing eligibility criteria for investment incentives involved complex calculations and regulatory considerations. Ensuring that these criteria were transparent and understandable to users, while also being robust and accurate, required ongoing adjustments based on user feedback and regulatory changes.

City Builder, launched in 2019, successfully serves a diverse audience interested in place-based investments. It's made it easier to figure out where money and resources can do the most good, making it easier to facilitate investments in underserved communities in the US and beyond.

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