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New York, NY



Our goal was to create a time-saving tool, police departments spend 50% of their time doing data entry. The process is antiquated and has not been updated since 1998.

Creating the first ever mobile CRIME CENTER APP, A/B testing made testing iterations easy and led to the app becoming agile enough to continue to grow and improve.

User Resistance to Change: Despite the clear inefficiencies of the existing data entry system, there was significant resistance from some department members accustomed to the old way of doing things. Overcoming skepticism and reluctance to adopt new technology required extensive training and demonstrations of the app's effectiveness.

Complex Data Security Requirements: Ensuring the highest levels of data security for sensitive police data while maintaining ease of use in the app presented a complex challenge. Achieving this balance necessitated several revisions to the app's architecture and multiple security audits.

Integration with Existing Systems: The app needed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of existing systems and databases, some of which had not been updated for decades. This required developing custom interfaces and overcoming technical limitations of older systems.

User Feedback and Iteration Delays: While A/B testing facilitated iterative improvements, gathering meaningful user feedback from busy police officers proved challenging.

Finally updated the department and decreasing data-entry time by 33% or 10 weekly hours. 

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