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Los Angeles


Under NDA

The client is a research organization specializing in behavioral studies, with a particular interest in understanding how personal habits, sleep patterns, and travel preferences influence overall well-being and lifestyle choices.

Create a responsive website to collect data on personal, sleep, and travel habits. Develop a user flow that categorizes questions and serves them by priority for milestone data collection. Create logic that determines which questions to ask based on the users’ previous answers.

• User flows
• Wireframes
• Creative concept
• Visual design
• Build kit and launch

We developed a responsive product equipped with a smart questionnaire system. This system categorizes questions into distinct sections—personal, sleep, and travel habits—and prioritizes them to efficiently collect milestone data. The backbone of this application/website is its adaptive logic, which dynamically alters the sequence of questions based on previous answers, ensuring a tailored and efficient data collection process.

Complexity of Adaptive Logic: Developing a robust algorithm that could handle the multitude of potential user pathways without creating dead ends or repetitive loops required extensive testing and fine-tuning.

Data Privacy Concerns: Given the sensitive nature of the information being collected, ensuring user data privacy was paramount. We encountered challenges in designing a system that was both secure and transparent, leading to several revisions of our data handling protocols to comply with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

User Engagement and Fatigue: Early testing phases revealed that participants experienced survey fatigue, particularly with longer questionnaires. Keeping users engaged throughout the process required innovative solutions, such as gamification elements and progress indicators, to encourage completion without compromising the depth of data collected.

Participant Recruitment: Initially, recruiting a diverse and representative sample of participants proved to be difficult. We had to revise our outreach and engagement strategies to ensure a wide range of demographics were represented in the study.

By providing a user-centric, responsive platform, we facilitated an engaging and seamless experience for participants. This approach not only improved the quality and relevance of the data collected but also increased user participation rates. Consequently, the project successfully established a robust database, enabling detailed analysis and insights into user habits and preferences.

NDA project. Actual deliverables are not shown.

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