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Make it easy for customers to invest online, with constant access to their money, while following the fintech disruptive trend of making online banking accessible for everyone.


•Access Playbooks
•User Interviews
•Pareto Principle

We had to convert all paper-based processes and most of the human-based ones (investing, withdrawing, signing-in, and so on) into a comfortable, friendly, and seamless digital experience complying with legal and product requirements.

To tackle the challenge of digitizing the investment process, our team devised a comprehensive digital transformation strategy. We developed playbooks that mapped out each step of the online investment journey—from sign-up and investing to withdrawing funds. These playbooks served as a blueprint for creating a seamless, user-friendly online platform that simplified the investment process.

Complex Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the legal requirements for digital signatures and online transactions required extensive consultation with legal teams and led to several iterations of the workflow design.

Resistance to Change: Overcoming skepticism and building trust in the security and reliability of digital transactions required targeted communication strategies and the implementation of enhanced security measures.

Digital Literacy Variances: Creating an interface that was both sophisticated enough for tech-savvy users and accessible to those with limited digital experience required multiple usability testing rounds and adjustments.

Integrating Human Elements: Completely replacing human interactions with digital processes led to feedback about the loss of personal touch. We had to rethink certain aspects of the customer journey to incorporate digital equivalents of human interactions, such as chat support and personalized investment advice, to maintain a sense of connection and support.

The implementation of the digital solution revolutionized the way customers interact with investment services. Our platform made it effortless for users to manage their investments online, providing them with he ability to perform all necessary actions with just a few clicks. The intuitive design and straightforward navigation enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement, significantly increasing the number of digital transactions.

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