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Chicago, IL



Limit employees need to reach out to team members, managers, and project owners, to free them to learn their job better or perfect flows.
Reduce the time needed to share or transfer knowledge among enterprises. Facilitate onboarding and reduce learning curves of new employees and encourage usage of the portal.

•Access Playbooks
•Understand Internal tools
•Learn how to expense travel 
•Easily searchable playbooks
•Tool or code assist in research
•More access to BU and Documents unless labeled confidential
•Implenment easy way to communicate between users
•Build a community and increase engagement


Community Engagement: While the goal was to build a community and increase engagement, sparking initial participation was more difficult than anticipated due to there be a fear of learning without repercussions. To address this, strategies such as the introduction of badges and "Color-Points" were implemented to gamify the learning experience which significantly increased engagement.

Change of needs: The need of the project was different from the original intention of as an application for management to use to assist their teams and had to meet with stakeholders to explain the need for the shift which needed to be towards building an onboarding application for new employees which would reach a wider audience and improve company culture and engagement as shown through deliverables and actionable insights.

Time Zone Barriers: Being a collaborative effort between teams in different countries, including Brazil and India, time had to be allotted to meeting at odd hours of the day to stay on track and ensure everyone is on the same page so that progress moves along steadily with the project.

•The use of badges and "Color-Points" increased engagement by 800%
•Not only created a "community," company culture has improved worldwide!
•The App reduced onboarding time by two days in some countries.

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