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PGA Catalunya Golf Resort is one Spain's top golf courses also including a luxury hotel, restaurants, and properties for sale.

• User flows
• Visual layer
• Creating a new style guide
• Pareto principle

Create a functioning web and mobile application from beginning to end handling things from wireframing to development handover.

Our team embarked on a comprehensive project to create both a web and mobile application that encapsulates the essence and luxury of the resort. Utilizing user flows, we meticulously mapped out each step of the user journey to ensure a seamless and intuitive experience. The visual layer of the applications was crafted with precision, reflecting the resort's prestigious status and serene environment. A style guide was developed to maintain consistency across all digital touchpoints, ensuring that every element, from typography to color schemes, aligned with the brand image.

During the development process, we encountered several significant challenges:

User Flow Complexity: Initially, the complexity of the resort's offerings led to overly complicated user flows, making the navigation less intuitive than desired. We had to revise and simplify our user flow models multiple times to ensure a balance between comprehensive information and ease of use.

Style Guide Adoption: Ensuring that all team members adhered to the newly developed style guide required significant oversight. Deviations from the guide in early development stages necessitated additional reviews and revisions, highlighting the need for more robust communication and documentation practices.

Balancing Performance with Visuals: The high-quality visual designs demanded by the project occasionally impacted the applications' performance. Optimizing images and animations without compromising the visual luxury required creative solutions and compromises.

Feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive, with particular praise for the intuitive navigation and the high-quality visual design that mirrors the resort experience. The successful handover to the development team has ensured that the product was functional with a robust architecture that supports a seamless user experience.

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