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The Famous Agency LA for SONY'S PLAYSTATION

Working with Kenichiro Yoshida, the PlayStation Team, and The Famous Agency, Dolph optimized the user flow for video submissions to build buzz after the PS4 launch. We revisited the UI for PS5's development.

Starting just months before the PS5 launch, Giovany (Lead Researcher) and Dolph (Team Lead) led agency and internal teams to create high-fidelity prototypes and A/B tests to develop a functioning beta. The project involved:

• Streamlined goals and design to achieve an aggressive launch date
• Design that supported a strong market penetration strategy

Tight Timeline for Launch: The aggressive timeline leading up to the PS5 launch put immense pressure on the team. Balancing the development of high-fidelity prototypes and conducting A/B tests within a limited timeframe strained resources and demanded extra hours and commitment from everyone involved.

Balancing Innovation with Familiarity: Incorporating new, innovative features while maintaining the familiar PlayStation user experience was a delicate balance. Early prototypes faced resistance from long-time PlayStation users, leading to further refinements to blend innovation with the comfort of the known user interface.

Market Penetration Strategy Adjustments: The initial market penetration strategy, while well-planned, faced hurdles in reaching new target demographics such as college students. The team had to reassess and adapt their approach, utilizing more targeted marketing strategies and collaborations to effectively engage these new users.

Best Practices Implementation from PS4 to PS5: Learning from the PS4 and applying those lessons to the PS5's development was critical. However, the application of these best practices was not straightforward due to evolving gaming trends and technological advancements. Continuous learning and adaptation were key to overcoming these challenges.


• New design increased conversions via a strategy to incentivize gamers to participate in challenges in return for the perceived value of batches. Using psychology methodologies like the Pain/Pleasure principle and the Pareto Principle.

• Quadrupled user base by encouraging new targets – including college students – to beta test PS5 software and new Playstation App features to generate buzz.

• After the launch of the PS5, we revisited strategies used for PS4 to implement best practices and increased engagement by 300%.

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