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New York, NY


Bank of America

Enable customers to perform everyday banking transactions such as view account balances, pay bills, transfer money, and deposit checks on mobile handsets and tablet devices. Ensure that the UX/UI is engaging yet efficient while minimizing user effort and potential error conditions.

User Research > Comparative Analysis > Task Flow Diagrams > Whiteboard Sketching > Lo/Hi Fidelity Wireframes > Prototyping > User Testing

The design prioritizes displaying only essential features/functionality of primary tasks while eliminating extraneous elements to minimize visual clutter. Additionally, performing any transactional task requires minimal effort entailing a few swipes and screen taps.

Understanding Diverse User Needs: Early in the user research phase, it became apparent that our initial assumptions about user needs and behaviors did not fully capture the diversity of our customer base. Tailoring the UX/UI to accommodate a wide range of users—from tech-savvy millennials to older customers less familiar with digital banking—required revisiting our design strategy and conducting more inclusive research.

Balancing Simplicity with Functionality: Achieving an engaging yet efficient UX/UI while minimizing user effort presented a complex challenge. Initial prototypes were either too simplistic, lacking essential features, or too complex, overwhelming users with options. Finding the right balance required iterative design and extensive user testing.

Error Handling and Prevention: Minimizing potential error conditions was crucial to ensure a smooth user experience. However, early versions of the app did not adequately address common user errors, such as mistyped amounts or incorrect payee details. Enhancing error prevention mechanisms and providing clear, helpful error messages became a priority.

Users have responded positively to the ease of use and ability to quickly view relevant data while completing transactions without unnecessary visual distractions.

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