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KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax, and Advisory services. KPMG is known for its commitment to excellence and integrity, offering deep expertise in various industries including financial services, healthcare, technology, consumer markets, and more. KPMG sought to enhance its digital advisory services by creating a single platform in place where we can extend the portfolio of tools, content and capabilities to provide a curated experience for the user in addressing our clients’ needs.

• Usability testing
• User interview
• User journey map
• UX/UI recommendation

Addressing the essential tasks throughout the lifecycle of a client engagement, requires Advisory professionals to use disparate tools and content across the KPMG landscape and aggregating tools, content and processes used by service line through the provisioning of a cohesive user experience.

Microsoft Teams is a strong foundation for a dynamic platform that can scale for years to come and is part of the norm and everyday patterns of working, which creates momentum for adoption as well as being capable of so much more. Teams allows us to provide both pre-built and configurable, integrated solutions and products to be used across our delivery centers. The right choice for growth and innovation, KPMG and Microsoft are strategically aligned to provide speed to value to clients and scale the business while advancing key priorities such as DEI, delivery centers, and client promise.

Integration Complexities: The initial stages of integrating diverse tools and content into the Microsoft Teams platform revealed unforeseen technical complexities. The vast array of legacy systems and databases within KPMG's global network required extensive customization and adaptation to ensure seamless functionality within Teams.

User Adoption Hurdles: Despite the widespread use of Microsoft Teams within KPMG many users were accustomed to their existing workflows and tools, showing reluctance to transition to the new system. This necessitated the development of comprehensive training programs and incentives to encourage user adoption.

Despite these challenges, the project ultimately succeeded in creating a more integrated and efficient digital advisory platform built upon Microsoft Teams. The resolution of integration complexities and the emphasis on user training and engagement led to increased adoption rates among KPMG employees. Enhanced data security measures ensured that the platform met all compliance requirements, instilling confidence in both users and clients.

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